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We use Skype or G-mail Video as Video Contact Applications with the client, so client can watch the practitioner and whole Remote SCIO Quantum Biofeedback session, communicate with practitioner and ask questions. It works great to establish Personal Contact.



How Remote Quantum Biofeedback Works


Remote Quantum Biofeedback works according to Quantum Physics. Everything in the Universe is made up of the same energy which means that everything that you see is composed of the same very small particles and all these particles vibrate.

What distinguishes you from your table, for instance, is the pattern of these particles and the way in which these particles vibrate. Between every particle there is space, this space is called subspace. There is actually more subspace than particles. What the SCIO does is it sends vibrations out into subspace to locate your personal pattern and vibration. Once the SCIO has located you, it sends frequencies out to you.

Our practitioners can then tell what needs to be balanced, in your personal electrical field, based upon how these frequencies bounce off of you and back to the SCIO.

People who are very sensitive to energy tend to feel the effectiveness of a remote session immediately.

We have clients from all over the world. Remote Quantum Biofeedback is very convenient for those who live far away.



Stress Reduction Training Through The Quantum Field!


Quantum Biofeedback is a process of energetically sending over 10,000 stress signatures to the body and allowing the body to send back electrically, through voltage, amperage, resistance and other measurements, on how the body reacted to each of these items. 

This is done through the Quantum Field.  This is very powerful and on the same premise and using the same field that a medical intuitive would use to read someone′s body. 

The device gives the body and unconscious a voice which allows a picture to be painted of the person being read.



Quantum Physics



Subspace, distance healing, remote sessions is where we are all connected as one. When Planck, Bohr, Schodinger, and many other renown scientists proved the undeniable existence of quantum theory, it shook the scientific world. When Heisenberg proved the indeterminacy of this quantum theory, it shook it again. A simple way to understand what it means is to think about an old friend whom you haven't spoken to for years, and they suddenly calls you. That's quantic field in action. This has happened to most people in one way or another.


Medical and biology experimenters have also discovered the ability of the mind to affect experiments. The double-blind became a hallmark of medical experiments, and has also been brought into quantum experiments.


In fact, the experimenter effect in Newtonian experiments seems to be limited to the interpretation of data, not the experiment itself. If we tie in all of the ideas, we can see that quantum systems—like the human body—might be in touch with a consciousness subspace.


Consciousness affects quantum systems and indeterminate systems can be affected. There is a subspace of consciousness imposing a structure onto the basic elements of our physical universe.


Albert Einsteinand and Bohr were both right. There is an apparent indeterminate quality of this universe, but it responds to, and intertwines with consciousness.


Samuel Hahnemann, the German founder of homeopathy, proposed that all disease was caused from other dimensional effects. This could be seen as an expression of our basic theory.


How does this work?


It's scientific, quantum. Trying to understand it would be like trying to know how a computer works before you have ever used one. It really isn't important how it works, just that it does.

Deepak Chopra wrote "To promote the healing response, you must get past all the grosser levels of the body-cells, tissue, organs and systems----and arrive at a junction point between mind and matter, the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect".

Long Distance Healing works according to Quantum Physics. In Quantum, everything is connected. Everything is part of a continuous whole. Distance is not a factor. Long Distance sessions are wireless technology and works on a principle similar to the cell phone. It is fairly well accepted that the garage door opener and the television remote work by wireless methods. The cell phone works at even greater distances. There simply has to be a sender and a receiver. In this case the sender is the Quantum Biofeedback device and the receiver is the client.


It is a medically proven fact that prayer heals. How does prayer reach the right person?  Simply through intent. How does Quantum Biofeedback device perform long distance sessions to the right person? Through intent as well as through the resonant frequency number that the device locates for a particular human being.


It is similar to a universal cell phone number. To locate this number, it is necessary to have a person’s name, date and place of birth. What makes the device very powerful is the connection that is made between the device and the clients subconscious since it is the sub-conscious that is aware of everything that is going on within the body at that point in time. Moreover the subconscious has access to a total history of trauma that has occurred within the body.

…all matter (be it tissue, organ, mineral, compound or any substance ) vibrates at its own specific and unique frequency resulting from electric charges of the particles at the atomic level. This fact is demonstrated through the science of spectroscopy.

…the quantum level (atomic) electromagnetic fields of the human body, including conscious and sub-conscious energy forces have been measured and proven to extend beyond the confines of the human body. This can be demonstrated on the Quantum Biofeedback device for both the heart and the sub-conscious.

…there is no known limit to the travel distance of these measured energy forces.



Auric Clearing Home and Office Locations

Frequency Awareness offers adult and children Auric Clearings. Auric Clearings focus on the removal of energetic imprints called occupants in the chakras and all levels of the energetic anatomy..


One can sometimes overlook the fact that everything is energy and everything has consciousness and subsequently our homes,offices and land are also energy and have an auric field that surrounds them as well.


When analogical moments or deep emotional traumatic events unfold in our homes and offices, these energetic imprints are impressioned in the auric field of the dwelling. This energetic happening is a good consideration for the Auric Clearing services for the space or spaces you occupy on a daily basis


It is important to consider that our surroundings affect us energetically. The effects manifest in our four bodies, the mental, the emotional, the physical and the spiritual.


Have you every entered a home or an office where you just felt really uncomfortable? A real un-ease feeling about the ethers, there was nothing you could point to or see physically yet you just knew something was not right. You are experiencing the energetic aura of home or office you are in. Just as in adults and children Auric Clearings, we remove discarnates from the space which can cause a space to be unpleasant.

Below are some suggestions for The Auric Clearing service:


Real Estate- Clear the home and property before putting on the market
Clear a home which is having difficulty selling
Just purchased a new home

School - Aura Clearing of the school that your child attends cleared in the highest of ways. The Auric Clearing takes place after school hours.

Daycare Locations - Lots of emotional imprints take place in daycares and schools, have the center cleared where your child attends and see the changes.

Workplace- Think of all the trauma that takes place in the workplace, how comfortable are you when you walk in the building. Clear the Aura of where you spend most of your time.

New Business- Clear the new space, and all equipment in the new business and set a positive outcome with the Auric Clearing session.

Remote sessions in Auric Clearing Home and Office Locations encompasses the removal of energetic foci in the aura field, removal of discarnates, removal of any open karmic contracts.

We close all relationships related to the events that took place, and infuse the space with unconditional love.

These Auric Clearing sessions can be performed remotely or localy (practitioner visits the location) and last 2.5 hours..



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